Listen to Music on Your Recumbent Trike

While you are listening to your favorite Bob Marley tune there is no reason why you can’t be getting in shape at the same time. One of the coolest exercise innovations that I’ve seen over the past few years is the recumbent trike. That is, an adult tricycle that is designed like a recumbent bicycle.

recumbent trikesThese pedal powered vehicles have three wheels for greater stability than you’d find on a bicycle. The seat is situated within the frame of the trike so the wheels are at about the same level as the seat. Because of this, the seat feels very much like a normal chair. Recumbent trikes are easier on your back, and some he even come with adjustable lumbar support. The pedals are in front of you as opposed to beneath you and a recumbent trike is great for outdoor excursions because you can use the bike seat for, well, a seat! That’s right, you can sit on the trike with no fear of it tipping over while you eat your picnic lunch.

And a recumbent trike makes it easy to climb hills because you can put it into very low gear and ascend the hill at low speed with no fear of the trike tipping sideways.

So, crank up the Bob Marley tunes on your iPod and hit the roads! You can get more information about recumbent trikes at

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